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Number of Cards 65 (5 custom)
Players 1 to 4
Size 2.6 x 3.6 x 1.18 in
66 x 91 x 30 mm

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Single player learning game

Two-player learning game

2-4 player game

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Have fun playing a card game and learn Python!

STJ: Python will help you learn to program while having fun at the same time.

Why should you learn Python?

A Python coding job is a great career choice. Here are some facts about this programming language:

  • Python is the most popular programming language (source)
  • Python is among the TOP THREE languages required by companies (source)
  • The average salary of a Python developer is more than $39 per hour (source)

Invest the value of less than two hours of your future work into a deck of cards that will help you boost your career!

Flashcards 2.0

If you are learning to code, it is often hard to discover and memorize all of the functions of a programming language. STJ: Python Flashcards make it super easy. They combine stateoftheart memory techniques with a fun-to-play card game to help you remember functions faster.

Here is the science behind STJ: Python

According to research, images help commit information to our long-term memory, images transmit messages faster, images improve comprehension, images trigger emotions, and images motivate learners. In fact, 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual (source). That is why STJ: Python’s intriguing and beautiful illustrations can help you to memorize Python functions faster. Side-by-side with the fantasy setting and fun descriptions, STJ: Python Flashcards are a great combination to help boost your memory! They are eye-catching and they create emotions – the cornerstone to memorize faster (source).

Dive into a fantasy world of Summon THE JSON, where excellent visual design, creatures, and fun descriptions will help you remember Python functions as if by magic.

STJ: Python is an excellent choice if you:

- want to become a programmer

The Flashcards contain the most useful set of Python functions that programmers use most of the time. STJ: Python will give you a great overview of the tools every programmer has at hand. With that knowledge, it will be easier for you to start thinking about the best way to create your application from these building blocks.

- are invited to a coding job interview

A lot of companies use knowledge tests and whiteboard tasks to assess the knowledge of a candidate for a coding job. STJ: Python helps you remember functions easier. Regular flashcards are boring and make it hard to connect programming functions with anything meaningful. On the contrary, STJ: Python helps your brain store information about Python functions in an efficient way. It increases the chance that your brain will give you all of the information you need during a job interview.

- are switching from another language to Python

If you already are a software developer, then you know how confusing it is to switch to another language. Some functions are similar. Some are not. It is worse when you code in two or three languages at the same time. There are a lot of things to remember in every language. You need to find equivalents. STJ: Python helps you progress faster in learning Python. It shows you the toolset of the language and helps you remember it faster. Also, when you come back to Python after a break, you can review the cards to recalibrate your brain faster.

- want to code faster without searching online

It is great that we have a lot of easily accessible sources on the Internet, we can find all of the information we need within seconds or minutes. But the Internet will never beat the speed of the human brain. If you remember function names, you can code faster. Moreover, your coding experience will become more fulfilling. You won’t worry about poor connection speeds or that the search engine does not find the answer you are looking for. You won’t be distracted by websites and online ads. Focus is one of the most important assets of a programmer. STJ: Python helps you stay focused in the zone!

A word from the creator, Tom Smykowski

"- Hello, Tom. Why did you create STJ: Python?"
- Tom: "I have eighteen years of experience as a coder, as a programming educator, and as an employer. Everyday, I help young people to become developers. One of my biggest accomplishments in that area is being ranked in the TOP 3 percent of StackOverflow users for helping others. I run job interviews and code reviews. I often see young people struggle with getting a bigger picture of programming. Today, we have a lot of great learning resources. That is good, but this often leads to confusion and discouragement. So it became clear to me that we all need something like a compass, an essentials toolkit. That is what STJ: Python is. These are the tools you have at hand. Learning programming is easier if you have guidance on how to start."

STJ: Python is a card game

Summon The JSON: Python is not only a Flashcard deck. It is also a game for everyone. Up to four people can play a game of STJ: Python. The deck is divided into heroes, animals, and food. Some cards have points, some have superpowers. You can combine them to win battles against other players.

A game of STJ: Python can be played by anyone. You don’t need to have any prior programming knowledge to do so. In fact, it is a great way to spend time in a mixed group of geeks and non
geeks. You can play it with your family, your friends, and your colleagues. Even when meeting new people, a game of STJ: Python is a great ice-breaker, a conversation starter, and a way to spend time with other people, chat, and bond. Have a great time together!

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Christopher M.
United States United States

Very cool concept

As a MTG fan, I saw this advertised on IG and immediately had to buy. After having spent a few weeks with the cards, the purchase did not disappoint! If you’re a MTG fan AND learning Python (or any of the available languages for that matter) do yourself a favor a pick these up!


A Great Resource for Training

I purchased both the python and javascript decks. They are well made and the game is a fun little time killer. I work with a lot of junior data analysts and use these decks for a game a few times a week to help train them on different aspects of python and javascript. It has helped them move from Excel to python in Jupyter notebooks. If summonthejson does different decks for statistical analysis or machine learning I will definitely buy them too.


Beautiful in design, and spicing things up when it comes to learning Py ;)

Since I first found out about Summon The JSON project, I followed it on FB. I lurked and wished for the Python deck. I remember thinking of learning some JavaScript, so I could put my hands on a deck of my own already. Recently I found out that Python deck is at the finishing phase, and ordered it (along with the JS deck :D… I know, I don’t know JS yet, but I was so hyped I wanted it all, and learn along with it). To be honest I'm at the beginning of my journey with Python, and when I go along with coding, and chew on some new concepts I’ve learned, I go through the cards, and think of the methods that are depicted on the cards. I really am thrilled and cannot wait when I play with someone, instead of just going through my decks! Ah! And since I saw the card ‘Bool’ with a hooded creature on it, I think of booleans as creatures that judge everything constantly :D Couldn't be more on point ;) Thanks! Very good job!