About us

Tom Smykowski

Hello. My name is Tom Smykowski, and I am the inventor and creator of Summon The JSON decks. 
My favorite drink is grain coffee (much better than normal coffee for creative work!)
I work from a cosy office located in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Europe
If you will be anywhere nearby give me a call on +48 664-779-129, or drop by by my office that is located on Kujawska Street 8, on 1 floor, room 5 (Google Maps)
You can also follow me online.
This is my official website: http://tomasz-smykowski.com/. There are links to my social media accounts, for example Twitter, where I call myself an Armadillo of Coding.
Also you can find me on StackOverflow, where i try to stick to the TOP 2% of users, and on Quora, where my answers were seen 1,5M times.
My favorite genre of music is Daft Punk. It is me holding a book about Daft Punk:
I code for 20 years. With different technologies: Angular, React, Ember, Vue, C#, JS, TS, AWS, Azure, you name it. Sometimes frontend, sometimes backend. Sometimes both. But mostly design and frontend development.
Been teaching and helping others to learn how to code for 16 years, both offline and online. Summon The JSON project is result of this journey. A way to give an overview of what programming really is (fun! fun! fun!) and 

Where are decks manufactured

Summon The JSON decks are manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin, US by a company called TheGameCrafter founded in 2009 and so far manufactured over 220 000 titles.They have a lots of experience if it comes to manufacturing quality games and fast delivery.