Marcus Michaels

“STJ is unique for me because it implements in a correct, intuitive, and fun way, the complex task of teaching you and reminding you of some programming concepts. People who know, call that mechanism “gamification”. So, STJ is just that, a great gamified programming deck of cards.”



I really like the JavaScript deck. It makes it possible for everyone to learn and practise JavaScript in a fun and enjoyable way. The best part is that you can play it with friends.



Summon the JSON is awesome. Such a great idea for a game. Playing solo or with techie friends, it’s a fun way to stay sharp and even learn some new JavaScript functionality. This would be an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who likes JavaScript.


* Cups, pencils, mouse pads, and sweets are not included with a regular Summon The JSON: JavaScript deck

Boing Boing

"Anyway, I just ordered a deck!" - Clive Thompson, Boing Boing