Forget The Alphabets, Your Five-year-old Must Learn To Code

Forget The Alphabets, Your Five-year-old Must Learn To Code

Computer science is the future. Why not give your child a head start. Children as young as five years old can start learning to code.

Teaching primary age children to code gives them a head start in this modern world.  When you consider how the world is changing, coding is a very useful talent to have. Computer code is being used by a growing number of organizations, not simply those in the technology sector.

A child who learns to code will have an advantage in life, with more job prospects available in the future, regardless of whether they want to work in the technology sector, finance, retail, health care, or another field. This is an essential reason why schools should teach coding.

Every child must learn to be able to handle everyday life problems intelligently. This is when coding helps. Other than being a career, coding improves the problem-solving ability of children. A programmer confronts new challenges and learns to deal with the problems algorithmically.

Learning to code contributes to their computational thinking. Computational thinking is a cognitive process that enables a man to identify problems as a computer does, regardless of age. It develops critical thinking that stimulates them to implement strategies to deal with problems.

Creativity can be sparked in children by many activities. Coding encourages the creativity of children.  When you learn a language, you utilize it to communicate with others. The same may be said about code. Computer coding allows children to not only consume but also produce digital media and technology. Instead of simply playing a video game or using an app, they can imagine creating their own video game, website, or app, and have an avenue for expression.

As a result, it's not necessarily about the direct benefits of computer science. As the examples above and below demonstrate, there are numerous advantages to becoming involved in and interested in coding. Another great merit of learning to code is that it improves confidence and communication skills.  A general misleading perception about coding being a solo activity. The programming leads the programmers with a reasonable approach to experts and empowers them to strive for a solution that accurately describes the obstacle.

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