Política de envío

The time from order to delivery depends on settings you choose. It consists of a sum of:

  • manufacturing time
  • shipping time


You can choose regular manufacturing queue that takes between three and four weeks due to high order volume. You can choose also Fastpass manufacturing. By choosing this option, your product will be manufactured much faster. Detailed manufacturing times for both regular queue and Fastpass queue can be found during checkout process.


There are multiple ways to deliver product, you can choose from both for US domestic delivery, as well for worldwide delivery. We are shipping products worldwide.

There may be import taxes and customs fees applied to your order by your country. Any taxes or customs fees will be due upon receipt of the package.


Due to various restrictions across the world due to the situation, there may be some delays in both manufacturing and in delivery. In case any of such situation occurs, you will be informed as soon as possible.