The Game

Do you deliver to the US?

Yes. We deliver to the US. It is manufactured in Wisconsin, so delivery times for the US are rather short, and also price is low. You can actually choose between multiple delivery methods suiting your needs. Delivery in the US is from $4.49

Do you deliver to XYZ?

Yes. We deliver worldwide. The Cheapest delivery is for $9.18. Please take into account please that due to the current situations, delivery time and possibility of delivery may change. For as a rule of thumb we deliver everywhere. There are no exclusions

Can only programmers play the game?

No. The Game can be played by everyone, and no programming knowledge is necessary. Also, the game mode does not force anyone to learn programming. So the experience is great for everyone. The game was tested with dozens of people without any clue about coding, and everyone loved it

Are decks compatible?

Yes. Decks are compatible. You can collect more languages and combine them to form a bigger deck. Cards share the same fantasy theme, and are differentiated with the diamond color, and also back color theme. Each deck has a distinct box.


I love the game, and like to promote it

It is great news. You can do it right away. Also check out our Affiliate program

I have a /offline store/online store/community/event/drop-ship on Amazon/ and would like to resell your deck

You can do it right away. Also you can contact us to arrange further details. We are open to all ways of cooperation and will give you additional support

Does the game have barcode?

Yes. Every deck has a unique barcode registered by GS1. Barcodes registered with GS1 are supported by Amazon

I run a software house, can you create a white label deck

Sure. Contact us to arrange details, and discounts for bulk orders. We can create an awesome deck with your logo, special cards and so on

Do you offer a partner/affiliate program?

Yes. You can learn about it more here.

I have more questions

If you have any questions please contact us.
E-mail: contact@summonthejson.com
Phone: +48 664-779-129 (international rates may apply)

You can contact us 24/7.