Golang Flashcards Game PRESALE

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Number of Cards 65 (5 custom)
Players 1 to 4
Size 2.6 x 3.6 x 1.18 in
66 x 91 x 30 mm

If you are learning to code, it is often hard to discover and memorize all of the functions of a programming language. STJ: Go Flashcards make it super easy. They combine stateoftheart memory techniques with a fun-to-play card game to help you remember functions faster.

Summon The JSON: Go is not only a Flashcard deck. It is also a game for everyone. Up to four people can play a game of STJ: Go. The deck is divided into heroes, animals, and food. Some cards have points, some have superpowers. You can combine them to win battles against other players.

A game of STJ: Go can be played by anyone. You don’t need to have any prior programming knowledge to do so. In fact, it is a great way to spend time in a mixed group of geeks and nongeeks. You can play it with your family, your friends, and your colleagues. Even when meeting new people, a game of STJ: Go is a great ice-breaker, a conversation starter, and a way to spend time with other people, chat, and bond. Have a great time together!

Presale FAQ

1. What will the deck look like, what will it contain?

All information will be published during the work on the deck.

2. When will I get the deck?

We will start producing decks according to the production queue once we finish the deck design.

3. What happens when I order a ready deck and a deck in presale?

The order will wait until the presale deck is ready. In this situation, it is better to place two orders to have the deck ready faster.

3. When do you plan to start creative work on the deck?

We plan to start creative work in the second quarter of 2023. The works will take about a month. Which deck we work on first depends on the number of orders.