VSCode Mac & IntelliJ IDEA PC Keyboard Shortcut XXL Mouse Pads

Following on the announcement of Keyboard Shortcut Mouse Mats 2.0, we're happy to introduce new sets of mats. You were asking us for some time when Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcut mats for macOS.

We couldn't do it earlier, because we wanted to improve the mats based on your feedback, before we introduce new lines of mats. The 2.0 mouse mats are improved to fit even a full size keyboard with numpad and a mouse, in a way you can still see all the keyboard shortcuts.

Improving on the idea we've also increased contrast, so it's easier to read keyboard shortcuts. With the new mats you'll be able to start introduce more keyboard shortcuts into your daily coding, boosting your performance and keeping you in the zone, because you won't have to take your hands out of the keyboard so often.

With time, we're sure you'll build your muscle memory, while the Mat will still act as an awesome part of your coding setup matching your interior with one of the ten designs.

Because Mouse Mats 2.0 are now live, we've added two new types of mats to the family:

We know that both OS-IDE setups are quite popular, among web developers, backend developers, including of course Java, JavaScript, Python and programmers in other languages. Whatever programming language you use, you can enjoy the new mats.

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