Summon The JSON Christmas Guide

Christmas is coming, and we know you want to make a special gift. Therefore, we've prepared some interesting options for you. Firstly we've lowered the price of decks from $77 to $45, so everyone can enjoy Summon The JSON card games / flashcards.


But that's not everything. You now also have other options to obtain the decks. You can purchase these on It's easy to use, offers a decent amount of payment methods and delivery options. Delivery is free worldwide. You can also choose paid, faster delivery.


But there are two more options. You can also order decks on

site. Just search for Summon The JSON. Most of our decks are available there. The price for the deck there is $28. You have to remember about processing fees, delivery that is paid, and insurance. It will all be calculated but may turn out to be cheaper than on our site in total. There may be less number of payment methods than on our site, something to consider too.

What's important it's the best way if you're in a hurry. The regular manufacturing time both on our site and on TheGameCrafter is 7-14 days. But on TGC you can purchase fast manufacturing for $28 and get the deck manufactured in 1-2 days

So TGC is best if you want to buy cheap and get decks fast.


If you need more payment methods and easier purchase experience use our site.

There's also third place to buy Summon The JSON decks. It's Etsy. Majority of our decks are there. Just search for Summon The JSON. Decks there are for $49 dollars with free shipping to the US. You can however order it to other countries as well. Manufacturing time is 7-14 days. There's no fast manufacturing option.

Choose Etsy if you want even more payment methods, additional buyer protection. More or less, if our site and TheGameCrafter store don't suit your needs.


To sum it up:
  • I want it cheaper or superfast = TheGameCrafter
  • Nice user interface, more payment methods =
  • Additional buyer protection, even more payment methods: Etsy
The earlier you buy Summon The JSON decks the more money you'll save, and more chances you'll get them on Christmas.

So order the decks now to save money and get Summon The JSON decks for gifts and to have some fun during the holidays!

The discounted prices are available for as long as we'll be able to. You can help us out by spreading the word about Summon The JSON! Cheers!
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