Learn Python With These Three Video Tutorials

Learn Python With These Three Video Tutorials

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Learning programming opens a lot of door. Whether you're interested in app development, data analysis, or even game design. Programming is a way to build a lot of stuff.

The influence of programming goes far beyond just the tech sector. It plays a role in industries like healthcare, finance, and even agriculture. In healthcare programmers develop applications that managing patient records.

Financial analysts use programming to process vast amounts of data for accurate predictions. The agricultural sector benefits from coding in areas like precision farming, optimizing crop yields through data analysis.

Currently three most popular programming languages are Python, Java, and JavaScript. Python is great because it's simple to use, so you can focus on what you want actually do. Java is used for many Android apps. JavaScript is used in web apps and more. These languages serve as building blocks for a lot of applications and systems we use every day.

Python, in particular, has become popular in last years. Python is used in artificial intelligence, data science, and automation. Companies Google, Instagram, and Spotify, among others, use Python.

You can learn Python in various ways. Online platforms like offer interactive courses for beginners. Books are structured and well organized. Coding bootcamps offer hands-on experiences for those looking for some group support. Video tutorials are also nice, because you can just follow along.

But what tutorials should you use? Video platform contains unlimited number of videos about Python. I love that you can just follow the tutor and see exactly what are the steps and results of coding process. Here are some Python video tutorials I liked the most when I've learned Python:

  1. Corey Schafer's Python Tutorial Series: Known for its clarity and depth, this series covers Python fundamentals and advanced topics.

  2. Sentdex's Python Programming for Finance: An unusual set of tutorials, because it's applied to finances. I like it because it's very practical, and you can learn something about finances too.

  3. Tech With Tim's Python Tutorials: Aiming at beginners, Tim's tutorials break down Python concepts so it's easier than making a pizza

Video tutorials are great, and surely will be something you'll like to use. What other sources can be useful too?

Websites like GeeksforGeeks offer a wide range of Python exercises and challenges. You can browse code of open source projects on GitHub. On Stack Overflow you can get an answer and guidance from real programmers and talk with them.

An interesting addition to boost your enthusiasm on the road to learn Python are flashcards. Python flashcards help discover the areas you need to learn. Flashcards provide a quick, interactive way to test your knowledge and ensure information retention. One of such flashcards are Summon The JSON: Python. Flashcards set in a fantasy world that make learning Python fun while keeping your focus.


Industries across the board rely on programmers, and the skills you acquire in this field can shape the future. Whether through online courses, video tutorials, or hands-on projects you surely make it!

There's a lot of resources, so just keep learning at your own pace, and you'll reach your goals!

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