Learning JavaScript With Flashcards

Learning JavaScript With Flashcards

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The Power of Fantasy in Learning

The fantasy genre proves to be a powerful tool for education due to its ability to captivate and engage learners. Imaginative worlds filled with mythical creatures, magical elements are a unique platform for introducing complex subjects like programming. The fantastical scenarios provide a backdrop where learners can immerse themselves in the material, turning the educational process into an exciting adventure.

Why JavaScript Deserves a Fantasy Twist

Introducing JavaScript with fantasy flashcards adds a unique and engaging dimension to the learning experience, making it more enjoyable and memorable for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Imagination and Creativity:

    • Fantasy elements trigger the imagination, allowing learners to visualize and conceptualize abstract programming concepts more vividly.
    • Creative storytelling associated with fantasy can make learning JavaScript more interesting, helping users create mental images that stick with them.

  2. Increased Motivation:

    • Fantasy-themed content can be inherently motivating and enjoyable, reducing the potential for boredom or frustration during the learning process.
    • Users are more likely to stay committed and consistent in their studies when the learning experience is fun and captivating.

  3. Association with Adventure:

    • Programming can be seen as a challenging adventure, and fantasy elements can turn learning into a quest or journey.
    • Gamifying the learning process with fantasy flashcards adds an element of excitement, as users feel they are progressing through a storyline or leveling up their skills.

  4. Memory Retention:

    • Fantasy scenarios and characters provide unique hooks that aid in memory retention. Associating programming concepts with memorable and fantastical elements makes it easier for learners to recall information.
    • The brain tends to remember stories and narratives more effectively than dry facts, making the learning experience more enduring.

  5. Appeal to Diverse Learning Styles:

    • People have different learning styles, and some individuals respond better to visual and imaginative approaches.
    • Fantasy flashcards cater to a variety of learning styles by incorporating visual elements, storytelling, and creative associations, ensuring a more inclusive and effective learning experience.

  6. Breaks Monotony:

    • Traditional learning methods can become monotonous, leading to disinterest and burnout.
    • Fantasy-themed flashcards inject an element of novelty into the learning process, breaking the monotony and keeping learners engaged.
  7. Humanizes Coding:

    • For beginners, coding can seem daunting and technical. Introducing fantasy elements humanizes the coding experience, making it more approachable and less intimidating.
    • Characters and stories can serve as relatable guides, fostering a sense of connection with the material.

  8. Cross-Disciplinary Learning:

    • Fantasy themes provide an opportunity to integrate JavaScript learning with other disciplines, such as storytelling, graphic design, or game development.
    • This cross-disciplinary approach not only makes learning JavaScript more interesting but also demonstrates its real-world applications in various creative fields.

In summary, using fantasy flashcards to introduce JavaScript transforms the learning journey into a captivating adventure, making it more enjoyable, memorable, and accessible for a broad audience.

Inside the Fantasy Flashcards

Let's look at some of the cards from the deck to see how they introduce programming areas to the user:

The card introduces arrays and reverse method. While arrays are useful, without an example what we can do with them, it's really hard to convince yourself that it's useful and it's something we want to learn more about. This card becomes an introduction and and example why arrays are important. We can reverse the order of items. Student can now dig deeper into that subject, while the card becomes a hook that helps recall the material he learns.

Let's look at another card:

One of the specific aspects of JavaScript is that the language can interact with the browser and website. It is reflected in a set of methods and properties like window.location.href, that lets read the URL of the current page. Through such introduction student understands immediately the role JavaScript plays in the browser and that it's possible to communicate with the browser and with the page in various ways.

Another card:

The third card introduces two concepts. First, that we can create object instances in JavaScript. These objects can be created with the provided statement. The fantasy realm helps to ignite imagination to explain the complex theoretical concept behind objects. Objects are Minions that are summoned by the programmer.

Another aspect introduced is how we declare a variable. With var, let or const. Student can research more information about these to understand the difference. The card will hook the newly obtain knowledge to be recalled easily easing the process of learning programming.

Let's see now how hundreds of people worldwide use fantasy flashcards for JavaScript learning.

Learning Paths and Quests

Fantasy flashcards can be used in many ways. First of all, students and people who learn programming can use them as an introduction to the topic. Compared to online resources they make it easier to focus on the journey rather than being distracted by online sources.

Flashcards act as indicators to what areas the student should pursue further, also because they cover the most important areas of JavaScript, they give the sense of a scoped material to learn to achieve a level of understand of programming in JavaScript.

People who already know programming may use the deck for example to learn JavaScript as a second or third language. Also a lot of programmers just buy the decks to refresh their knowledge and keep it up to date, for example for job interviews, or just for their daily work.

Due to the distinct character flashcards introduce a new type of activity that enriches a daily life of developer mostly working behind the monitor.

Recruiters can use these decks to prepare fun and engaging questions for the interviewees and create a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the interview.

Professors and teachers use these decks to enrich their classes with something fun they can do with their students that have to spend a lot of focused time during studies. In such situation fantasy flashcards are type of a break to relax but also to actually associate the effort with some fun activity not only tiresome progress.

Success Stories and Testimonials

We receive a lot of feedback about how our flashcards are useful. For example Marcus Michaels wrote:


"STJ is unique for me because it implements in a correct, intuitive, and fun way, the complex task of teaching you and reminding you of some programming concepts. People who know, call that mechanism “gamification”. So, STJ is just that, a great gamified programming deck of cards."

Francesco Ciullo wrote:


"Summon the JSON is awesome. Such a great idea for a game. Playing solo or with techie friends, it’s a fun way to stay sharp and even learn some new JavaScript functionality. This would be an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who likes JavaScript."

We also receive a lot of private e-mails from professors, students, senior programmers, junior programmers and enthusiasts that are about to start the journey. They usually buy several decks and come back for more once they fall in love with the concept.

We also get a lot of store reviews here and on Etsy, here are some of the latest reviews:

"Product more than meets expectations"

"Awesome deck ! Excellent quality."

"Great quality and matches the description exactly."

"Nicely made, came right on time"

"Item is perfect and came as shown"

We're proud of these reviews. Our focus is on providing high quality flashcards, because we want people to be able to use them with others for example in schools. We want also people to pass them to friends and colleagues once they've learned what they wanted.

That way it's a purchase that has an infinite return for the owners, and also is sustainable, because our decks can be used for many many years. The cards are manufactured with the highest available for us methods and technologies including UV coating and linen texture reserved for high quality decks.

It means the cards can be bent, as you'd expect them to bend, and they will keep their shape. Also they keep their colors over time. Important enough, cards are protected from moist and water. So a regular use or an occasional spill of water won't destroy them.

How to Use the Fantasy Flashcards Effectively

The JavaScript deck comes with a 8-page instruction. It introduces two learning modes and one game mode. First learning mode is designed for a single person. You can hide the description of a function, and try to answer what the function does. If you want to spice things, you can hide the function name and guess it based on the description.

There's also second learning mode for two persons. It's great if you're learning in a pair, or as a educator you want to introduce such method of cooperation between your students. They can compete and see how it's going while having a laugh and fun time.

The third mode is a game. This mode is more about playing with the deck than learning. Cards have points and superpowers, so you can use it as a casual game for you and your friends, or your students. 

A game can be played by from two to four players. The game mode doesn't require any interest or programming knowledge. That way you can invite everyone, even if they are not interested in programming whatsoever.

The game mode is a bonus mode of the deck. We've added it, because it made sense. If you have a deck of cards you use to learn, you can as well play with your friends. That way the deck is a 2 in 1 combo, where it's not only about programming but also about socializing. Thanks to the deck new friendships can be made, because it's a great conversation starter and invites people to join the game.

But there's more!

Unlocking Hidden Features and Surprises

On the first sight the deck seems to be visually great, but it's not everything. We have also in our offer a HTML, React, Angular, Vue and GIT decks.

All of these can be a great addition to learn programming. Since we know people buy more decks and collect them, we've added some awesome features to decks.

If you look closely every card has a unique number that's important for collectors. Also, we've aligned designs so that the boxes and decks share a common theme. You can place them on a shelve next to each other to build an awesome collection of decks.

It's easy to find the right deck once you'll have more of them.

Another great feature is that you can actually mix the decks. Cards from different decks are distinguished by the name on the back, and a unique color of the diamond on the bottom of a card and back of the card. 

It means you can mix decks for example for learning or gaming, and easily unmix them later to their boxes.

A hidden gem people ask us about are the five custom cards in each deck. We know that 60 cards won't cover all topics you want to learn. That's why you can use the additional cards to note down important information and match them with fantasy illustrations to make your deck unique.

Each deck comes usually with a distinct set of custom cards, so the more decks you guy, the more custom, unique cards you get.

Also, the superhero cards (with 11 points) usually differ. It means that every deck is special and with every you'll discover more and more fantastic fantasy illustrations!


To sum it up, fantasy flashcards are match expectations of various people getting into programming, or teaching programming in JavaScript. The fantasy setting is great to enrich every experience around programming and socializing.

People around the world use them in various scenarios and enjoy the high quality of the product. Our fantasy flashcards invite everyone for a fantasy adventure to learn JavaScript, but in a really fun way.

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