Announcing Summon The JSON 5.0

Announcing Summon The JSON 5.0

Welcome to the Summon The JSON blog. I want to share with you today the exciting news we have prepared for you!

New packaging

We've been working on this for a while, but to improve Summon The JSON flashcard boxes. They are so beautiful that some of you started collecting them. Having several Summon The JSON decks on your desk or shelf is a great way to learn new things, but also to play with friends who may not (yet) have any interest in programming. This is extremely important to be able to easily find the deck we are interested in when we have more of them.

That is why we rethought the packaging design. Like everyone, I love logos and mascots of programming languages ​​and technologies. That's why we originally wanted to use them on the packaging to distinguish them. Unfortunately, this proved difficult to implement for several reasons. Some technologies have no mascot or logo at all. Others have them in better or worse quality.

In addition, even if we wanted to use them and obtained the appropriate permissions (which in itself is difficult or impossible to implement), the issue of design consistency remained.

We saw this when trying to put together decks with different logos. It didn't look good. That's why we decided to design our own deck markers. From today, each deck has a tag on the front and sides that contains the abbreviation (or sometimes the full name) of the technology. 

As an example, let's use the Ruby deck from our new collection (about which in a moment):

The color of the marker is similar to the color of the logo (if any). In this way, when you have several decks (or even one) you will be able to easily recognize which language, framework or technology it applies to.

This change applies to all decks that will be crafted starting today. We've updated the main product images on the site to reflect this change. We will gradually update other photos and illustrations to show the new design (this may take time).

Card photos

Another change concerns the presentation of decks. I know you want to see exactly what you're buying, which is why we've included photos of the deck in each product. This way you can get acquainted with the quality, which is superb.

Here is an example of such a picture from the React Interview Questions deck, which is useful for people who are looking for a job as a React developer:

Video instructions

Each deck comes with a manual that explains how you can learn a programming language or technology on your own or with a friend. There is also a version of the game for 2 - 4 people, for which you do not need to know or want to know technology. These three game modes are both educational and entertaining, and we know you love them.

When someone is just considering buying a deck, they would like to know how to use it. Several times we received requests to supplement the page with instructions. Instead of posting a text version, we decided to record videos showing how to play each game mode.

After all, it's 2023, and it's better to see something than to read. We hope you enjoy the videos and show how much fun Summon The JSON decks are.

Instructions can be found in the link in the footer, as well as on the page of each deck.

New decks

We've saved the most revolutionary news of the year for last. We have often heard that you would like to have a deck for your favorite programming language, framework or technology. So far, we have made 10 decks, which in total contain 650 cards, each of which we developed individually. Thanks to this, they are so popular and have found their way to 25 countries around the world.

We know that there are plenty of technologies and everyone has their favorite. This year, to meet your expectations, we announced a pre-sale of decks for 9 new frameworks, programming languages ​​and technologies!!!

This will almost double the number of decks you can choose from. We have also arranged them on the website by categories, e.g. "web development", to make it easier for you to find the technologies that interest you.

Here's the list of decks you can preorder now:

Creative work on the decks will start in the second quarter of 2023. First we will work on the decks with the most preorders. Work on one deck will take about a month. So if you want a deck as soon as possible, you can help us with that.

Importantly, as always, the sooner you preorder a deck, the less you'll pay. We give this opportunity from the beginning to appreciate people who support Summon The JSON.

Take a look at our website and see what the decks look like. In addition to the news, check out the decks: JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, React, C++, PHP, TypeScript, HTML, Git too.

That's all the amazing news I have prepared for you today. Thanks for the great support of Summon The JSON. It's a very exciting time and see you soon!

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